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Climate Defense Inc. was created August 2014, in Calgary, AB. There was a significant hail storm and many businesses were completely halted. Dealerships have insurance for hail.  Deductibles range from $500 to $2500 per automobile. Before repairing the vehicles begins, the insurance company has to come in a review every vehicle. Then the dealer needs to secure a business who can come in and repair the hailed vehicles. The hail storm can last for a few minutes but the aftermath goes on for months.

Climate Defense Inc designed a Hail Mitigation System. This system mitigates hail storms which permit businesses to remain uninterrupted.

The collaborative effort from Climate Defense Inc and Sprung Western Tent & Awning Ltd. is how the design of the Hail Mitigation System came to market. Climate Defense Inc has experienced complete business interruption as a dealer operator and The Sprung Group of Companies has been creating innovative shelter solutions for a wide range of applications around the world for over 128 years. Both companies were able to draw upon their strengths and come up with this design which addresses hail in the most effective and efficient manner.

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