Climate Defense Inc. is an affordable solution to a very expensive liability; Hail.

We are experts in Hail protection.  We design, sell, install and service hail mitigation solutions.

We currently protect thousands of NEW vehicles in Alberta and we are expanding.  Some installs are on remote lots and some are at the dealership location.


How it looks



Climate Defense_3_small

Structure with Protective netting

Climate Defense_2

Single unit holds twelve vehicles.  The dimensions are 48 feet by 36 feet.  This makes the width per lane per vehicle 8 feet wide.

Climate Defense_1

Design is so intuitive that moving a single vehicle requires moving only the vehicle(s) directly in front.

Climate Defense_4


Our business will have a supply of materials on hand. Our speed in turning around these materials depends on how quickly surveys and soil samples can be gathered. We can move quickly if needed and will explain timelines as the project is planned.


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